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OMG JOB POSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Position Information
Job Title Reference Librarian
Department Library
Job Number 01842
Job Category Professional
Job Type Full-Time
Status Regular
Job Open Date 10-15-2009
Closing Date 11-01-2009

Position Summary
Reference librarians help people succeed with information by providing all library users (students, staff, faculty, and community visitors) with reference service, offering instruction in the use of information tools and resources, integrating digital library resources into college web pages and course management systems, and selecting appropriate information resources for purchase through collaboration with faculty on collection development and instructional support. Librarians develop a comprehensive, college-wide perspective on information needed to support the curriculum and operations of the college and tailor services to assure that college resources are used appropriately and effectively.

Principal Accountabilities
1. Provide students, faculty, staff and others with reference services (direct, personal point-of-use assistance or instruction) in the use of library and information technology resources, facilities, and services required for satisfactory completion of learning objectives or fulfillment of information needs. Provide comparable service by telephone, chat, email, or other communication means. Perform searches of available electronic research resources for faculty and special projects.

2. Prepare and present instruction in the use of library resources and related information technology through scheduled classes, tutorials, workshops, and one-on-one appointments. Train college staff and student employees to use library resources and provide basic support to library users.

3. Develop library materials for instruction and information purposes. These materials include the library website, course management system resources, subject guides, bibliographies, and other handouts.

4. Assist with shared library administrative duties including supervision of the Library on rotating nights and weekends. Assume responsibility for one or more functional areas library operations such as reference scheduling, instructional coordination, website maintenance, circulation control, or the III library system.

5. Serve as library liaison to assigned academic and administrative units and their faculty and staff, to coordinate library services, plan instructional support, manage library collections to support the curriculum, and generally promote library services and resources to assigned units.

6. Perform miscellaneous duties as assigned. These duties include: assisting with special projects as needed (e.g. the LibQUAL+ survey), serving on various college-wide committees, and keeping involved with committees and projects in OhioLINK and other local and state-wide organizations. Also, maintain an awareness of and involvement in the field of librarianship by reading professional journals, participating in relevant e-mail list discussions, maintaining membership in relevant organizations, and attending meetings and conferences as appropriate.


Reference Librarians are required to have:
- A Masters Degree in Library Science from an American Library Association accredited institution.
- Strong knowledge of the Internet and related technologies.
- Expertise in searching a wide range of information resources.
- Excellent written and oral communication skills.
- The ability to teach groups and individuals.
- The ability to adapt to changes in technology.
- Experience with automated library systems.

Desirable qualifications include:
- Previous academic Library experience, preferably in a Community College.
- Web design and content management skills.


Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH.
OMG I am so qualified. I am excited and going to apply! I will try not to get my hopes up too much... but I think this job would be perfect for me. We'll see what happens...

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