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Manchester where?

A guy said hello to me at the bus stop and we made small talk about it being cold. He said it was his first time here and I asked if this was his first time in a cold climate.
He says, "No, I'm from Manchester. Not Manchester, MI; the other one."
So I say, "New Hampshire?"
He laughs, then says, "No, ENGLAND!" and laughs some more.
I laugh, apologize and then say "...I THINK there is a Manchester, NH..." feeling a little silly.

He talks about there being lots of snow and cold in England too, but walks away, I assume because he thinks I'm a moron.

But there IS a Manchester, NH! So I wasn't a total idiot. I guess my ears were too frozen to hear his accent until after he said he was from the UK.

Hope I didn't offend you, my brother across the sea. I'm geographically impaired in general, not just when it comes to England.

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